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IV International Forum of Gran Sasso and Euro-African Conference of Rectors

Teramo, September 30, 2021 โ€“ October 2, 2021

June 17th, 2021

IV International Forum of Gran Sasso and Euro-African Conference of Rectors

In the framework of the activities planned for the Italian G20 presidency, the 4th International Forum of Gran Sasso, in continuity with the previous edition “Investing to build”, seeks to engage academic and research institutions in embracing a new approach to social planning, a theme which has become even more critical in the context of the 2020 global health crisis.

The specific objective of the 4th Forum is to contribute to the ongoing discussion on reshaping the 19th-century approach towards academic disciplines.  

In the new post-pandemic context and on the background of the reconstruction following the earthquake in central Italy, the 4th International Forum of Gran Sasso proposes an innovative path for engaging academic and scientific communities.

In addition to encouraging Universities and Research Centers to revitalize research and teaching โ€“  their primary missions โ€“ the forum aims to promote the development of innovative collaboration models with government entities, socio-cultural institutions and enterprises, so as to facilitate the involvement and sharing of ideas with local communities.

The twenty-one breakout sessions of the 4th Forum will foster the scientific and cultural dialogue among Universities and Research centres at international level, to raise awareness on the importance of constructive interdependence and globalization in coping with present challenges, starting from that of global health.

The related Euro-African Rectors Conference represents an additional opportunity to proceed with the implementation of the commitments taken in the Teramo Charter of 2019, drafted in the course of the second edition of the Gran Sasso International Forum that aimed at supporting new educational pathways for young generations, scientific research projects, and technical and cultural support. Members of the international scientific community will be gathering in Teramo to address the challenges that have emerged from the pandemic, with a strong focus on the needs of the young generation. The Forum will consist of twenty-one sessions:  

  1. Agri-food  
  2. Environment
  3. Art and Museology
  4. Cultural Heritage
  5. Communications
  6. Law
  7. Business, Finance and Economics
  8. Philosophy, Politics and Law
  9. Education
  10. Engineering and Informatics
  11. Literatures and Humanities
  12. Medicine and Health:
  13. Music
  14. Social and active labor policies
  15. Research and Scientific Culture
  16. Tourism
  17. Sociology
  18. Sport
  19. History
  20. Development and Territory
  21. Veterinary and Sustainable livestock production