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The T20 Italy launches a series of events to address the topics of the G20

ISPI and IAI will oversee a process aimed at offering concrete, policy-oriented proposals to the G20 members.

April 26th, 2021

The T20 Italy launches a series of events to address the topics of the G20

T20 Italy is about to enter a crucial phase. Over the next few months, the T20 think tank community – divided into eleven thematic task forces consisting of over 560 experts –  will be focused on producing more than 160 policy briefs covering a wide range of topics: from the resilience of the global economy and the international financial sector to the promotion of women’s participation in the labour market; from global health cooperation to the fight against climate change and the energy transition; from the reform of the international trade system to digital transformation and infrastructure investment; from the reform of multilateralism in a post-pandemic scenario to the support to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), particularly in poorer countries. The ultimate goal is to produce a set of clear and concrete policy recommendations ahead of the Italian G20 summit in October.

ISPI, National Coordinator and Chair of the T20, and IAI, co-chair of the T20, oversee this process to deliver several valuable suggestions to world policymakers. To better support this ambitious goal, T20 Italy launched a series of T20-associated events (from April to June), aimed at broadening participation in the think-tank community by adding new voices of international experts, civil servants, and representatives of the private sector. The “T20 Spring Roundtables” will rely on collaboration with leading think-tanks and research organisations worldwide in order to broaden and deepen the discussion on the key T20 policy areas.

During the “T20 Spring Roudtables”, priority will be given to current challenges posed to global governance by the pandemic in key policy areas. Sustainability and resilience of the multilateral system will be the overarching themes of this series and provide a common thread along these events. For instance, avoiding a new debt crisis will be a key prerequisite to return to strong and equitable growth, both in advanced economies and lower-income countries. Also, a long-lasting recovery cannot be achieved without adopting a forward-looking approach to preserve social cohesion through policies that strengthen our education systems. Moreover, it is of utmost importance to make best use of new technologies: digitalisation is crucial to shift towards economies characterised by higher productivity and able to generate opportunities for all, as is the appropriate use and dissemination of innovative energy sources, to pave the way to the energy transition and exploit the benefits of the circular economy.

In a nutshell, these exciting events will provide additional “food for thought” for the T20, the “ideas’ bank of the G20”, with the ultimate goal to offer concrete, policy-oriented proposals to the G20 and make sure that its agenda is really one for the “People, Planet and Prosperity”. Stay tuned for updates about our Spring roundtables and for the T20 Summit – co-promoted by ISPI and the Bocconi University – to be held on 4-6 October.